Koinonia (Fellowship)

27 February 2017

Strongs Greek (2842) koinonia

Definition: (lit: partnership) a) contributory help, participation, b) sharing in, communion, c) spiritual fellowship,. . . 2842 koinonia (feminine noun) – properly, what is shared in common as a basis of . . .

The early Christians continuously devoted themselves to fellowship (Acts 2:42.) The word for fellowship is koinonia, which means to have in common or to share.

The N.T. defines normative involvement in Christian koinonia in two major ways;

  1. by serving other Christians with our spiritual gifts and receiving others’ service through their spiritual gifts. The sphere in which we use our gifts is our ministry, or service.
  2. through loving one another in various practical ways. In John 13:34-35, Jesus told His disciples that they were to love one another as I have loved you.

Below are some examples of one another imperatives of the epistles:

No doubt there are others. As we practice these things we are practicing koinonia and expressing mutual interdependence as members of Christ and of one another. Christian meetings are important in this regard because they enable us to experience koinonia during the meeting in varying degrees. New Testament churches commonly met in homes as well as in large groups (see Acts 2:46; 20:20; Rom.16:5), and in the home group context, a level of koinonia can occur which is not possible by attending only the larger meetings.

Whether it’s sharing in a meal, bible study, practical help or just company, it is all the outworking of koinonia – contributing, participation, communion, spiritual fellowship.

© 2017 John Greaves