Prophetic Painting - Pete Brooks

18 December 2016

Hi, writing about myself, is definitely not my calling. But here goes. My life has been music and art. At school, and during my teens and early twentys I did both. More the music using art to supplement my income. I eventually stopped the art, which was mostly inks, watercolours and pastels, cheap and quick, to concentrate on music.

At 27, Jesus came into my life, and I became ‘born again.’ Now I had a clear purpose for the music. But, coming into as relationship with Jesus, is what it is, a relationship. So, unless you develop that relationship you cant expect to stay on track. And that’s what happened. Without going into detail, lets say, after about 20 years, I realised I was not in a relationship with Jesus, more an acquaintance.

In 2012, a major life changing event occurred. Not a positive one. When this happens you are driven into one of 2 places. Hardened heart, or heartfelt plea for a new start. And that is what I asked and God gave me. He reset my life and gave me a new start. God is good like that. We are not so good. By the end of 2012, I know now, the Holy Spirit inspired me to paint Jesus walking on the water. (picture below)

Walking on Water

I wanted to paint big, and use acrylics. Mainly because they are easier to use than oils, cheaper, and don’t take long to dry. So, I was thinking practical. The painting took two and a half years to complete. Mainly because I did not know how to use acrylics, how to get certain effects, and most importantly of all, how to create the mood. Using colour takes time. And though I would go months without painting, I knew God was in the painting because of peoples responses, and ideas which added to the eventual outcome. Also, as I painted everything just came together, often at times when I could not see how to create an effect or idea. ‘Accidents’ just kept happening. But then, God does not do ‘accidents.’ He does ‘purpose.’ Even in our confusion.

From this one painting, I was inspired to paint 3 more. (see below)



Now I have finished the paintings, I am making plans to see how God guides the steps to find out what to do next. I suppose adventures are like that. Pack your bag, get, and go roughly in a certain direction. Final destination, unknown. Except to God.

I have a website so you can see the paintings and others which I am painting. Each painting has a piece of music for it. Sadly, the lion and the boat are under someone elses copywrite. But if you would like to hear them – the Boat song is a Hillsong track called Oceans on the United album. The lion is a sung version in Hebrew of the Aaronic blessing, this is off the One New Man album, Songs from Israel.

This is the website address – concep

© 2016 Pete Brooks