2018 Shofar dates run up until November. For further details see Calendar published dates.

We’ll be announcing speakers as we get confirmed bookings, so keep an eye on this page and the calendar.

The Old Testament scriptures, prophets, law, psalms, apostles and Jesus our Messiah all come from the Land of Israel and the Jewish Nation; it is therefore so important to understand the roots of our faith and the richness of our heritage.

God brought Abraham out of Ur to a chosen place and to produce a people who would demonstrate to the rest of the world His love and His nature and who would be a blessing to the world by spreading His teachings and the Truth about the Saviour of the World.

Amazingly Paul was given the commission to spread this message to the Gentiles, when he – the most Jewish of Jewish men; a rabbi taught by a highly respected rabbi, Gamaliel, and who had sought to kill and destroy those who believed in Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah. After 3000 years of keeping themselves as a “separate people”, and trying to keep God’s laws and commandments, faithfully writing them down and recording their history, God wanted them to move amongst us Gentiles.

Over the centuries we have lost so much of the richness of our heritage and the great debt we owe Israel and its people in bringing us the Saviour of the World (theirs and ours). It is important to know of the Jewish people’s role, influence and suffering throughout the history of the Church and the place and plight of Israel today.

Many of us have been praying for Israel for many years but felt it was time to try and expand the churches knowledge and understanding about Israel and its role past, present and future. We decided to have a monthly meeting to which all churches and denominations are invited. This we have been doing since 2008 and have an attendance of between 50 and 80 people from across several counties. We have invited many speakers from a wide range of ministries who all have a deep understanding of the scriptures as they relate to this subject. There have been many and varied subjects including; Ezekiel’s Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones, The Role of Israel in World Mission, In their affliction, Israel will earnestly seek Me and Biblical Festivals and Feasts to name but a few.

Our meetings are generally held on the first Friday of the month, normally at Thurgarton Village Hall, Bleasby Road, NG14 7FW (just off the A612 between Lowdham and Southwell). We meet at 7pm for refreshments and start at 7.30pm. There is usually an information stand and bookstall including many 2nd hand books. Lots of on site parking.